You could start your diet program on a weekend since the first 2 days are likely to be the hardest. Beginning on a weekend helps you relax with plenty of time to deal with likely food withdrawal issues. It also gives you the chance to feel the cleansing effects of your new, healthy diet. You might want to ensure you have enough distractions to keep you from worrying about what you re depriving yourself of. Distractions like games, books or movies work pretty well. good diet foods 3.) My husband is embarrassed because I m fat. weight loss advertisements · Give your head a nice soothing restorative massage daily. Flip your mind upside down and restorative massage under your hair a minimum of twice each day. her response * Aids in achieving and maintain healthful weight best ways for women to lose weight Muscle aches hcg protocol for weight loss Makaka Editions 2.0 | Makaka Editions